Pain Management Rehabilitation


The pain that results from an injury, surgery or medical condition can create significant barriers to normal living, including interrupted sleep, decreased functioning at work and depression. Our pain management rehabilitation program gets to the root cause of pain and uses personalized, step-by-step plans. Our healthcare providers understand how to help patients view their condition in a different light and teach the practical coping behaviours and management strategies they need. If pain is compromising your day-to-day quality of life — or if you're looking to refer a patient suffering from shingles, sciatica or another painful condition — you can expect our multidisciplinary team at CBI Health Group to create and deliver a program that restores function, stamina and confidence.

CBI Health Group's pain management rehabilitation program is tailored to fit individual needs and focus on patient education. It can be delivered in the most appropriate setting, whether it's at home, at work, in the community or at one of our clinics across Canada. In addition, our services can be covered by healthcare plans, insurance plans and workers' compensation plans. Contact us today to learn more about our cost-effective, evidence-based treatment programs.

Our pain management services include:

  • Chronic Pain Program: A comprehensive, multidisciplinary service program based on a biopsychosocial treatment model. Oriented towards a greater understanding and management of pain conditions while providing insight and coaching into the behavioural patterns that result.
  • Interdisciplinary Pain Program: Tailored to individuals for whom pain represents a significant barrier to normal functioning at least six months post-injury. The treatment team includes providers from physical medicine, psychology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, exercise therapy and vocational rehabilitation.
  • Back and neck pain: Perhaps the most common ailment that calls for pain management expertise. It can be caused by injuries or poor habits such as slouching and pregnant women often experience back pain as their body adjusts to the growing child. Most back and neck pain sufferers are experiencing a mechanical problem relating to bones, discs or joints in the spine. Our physiotherapists can help restore optimal functionality by implementing a routine of stretching and strengthening exercises, therapeutic massage and joint mobilization and manipulation. This kind of pain rarely has a quick-fix solution, but we can help reduce pain and improve overall function and health.