Whether it's overcoming an illness, resuming normal function after surgery or simply coming to grips with day-to-day activities, our knowledgeable pediatricians know how to determine which areas are presenting the greatest challenges for your child — and how to work towards a better health outcome from start to finish.

At home, in school or in the community, we use our individualized assessment to gain insight into your child's unique health needs and create a schedule of practical, motivating activities that focus on the most relevant areas. From developing sensory processing skills to managing behavioural difficulties, our paediatric programs are both interactive and age-appropriate — and parents and caregivers are always active participants when it comes to formulating treatment goals. Above all, the paediatricians who are part of our network understand how to ensure improved health outcomes by managing the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of children throughout their development. Find out what we can do for the health and wellness of your child, adolescent or young adult: get in touch today.

What does a paediatric assessment include?

  • Social skills: Attention, concentration, behaviour
  • Fine motor: Handling toys, crayons, cutting with scissors, handwriting
  • Gross motor: Sitting, walking, jumping, running, skipping
  • Visual motor: Throwing and catching, copying shapes, letters or numbers
  • Visual perceptual: Recognizing shapes, letters and numbers
  • Sensory motor: Recognizing textures, hugging, swinging
  • Self-help skills: Feeding self, dressing