Remote Health Monitoring


Remote health monitoring can be an effective way to manage the symptoms of chronic conditions like diabetes, coronary artery disease and hypertension without compromising independence or quality of life. Our remote health monitoring service, Re-ACT®, uses wireless technology to connect patients to a Registered Nurse who monitors their vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, blood glucose, weight and blood oxygen), ensures medication compliance and promotes healthier choices in diet and physical activity. Our goal is to empower individuals and their families to manage their conditions at home, become active participants in their own healthcare and reduce the number of hospital readmissions, emergency visits and on-site nursing calls.

We believe remote health monitoring represents the next generation of community-based care not only because it helps seniors maintain their health and continue to live at home, but also because it reduces the burden on family caregivers and the healthcare system itself. Our service includes monthly reports for family physicians, fosters practical preventative health practices and provides real-time support should an emergency arise. So if you're one of the 80% of Canadians over 65 who have some form of chronic disease — or if you're looking to refer a patient or client you think would benefit from non-intrusive, home-based health monitoring — get in touch with us today to learn more about the features of our Re-ACT® program.

We can remotely monitor vital signs including:

  • Blood pressure
  • Pulse
  • Blood glucose
  • Weight
  • Blood oxygen

Remote Health Monitoring can help:

  • Improve comfort
  • Maintain independence
  • Enhance quality of care
  • Enable early detection of health issues
  • Prevent complications
  • Reduce hospital visits
  • Foster collaboration between healthcare providers