Social Work


If you are going through a difficult period in your personal, family or work life, CBI Health Group is here to help. Our professionally trained social workers can assist individuals, families, communities and organizations in addressing and finding solutions to the challenges they face. The overall goal of social work is to improve quality of life and enhance individual and collective wellbeing. It also aims to help people develop problem-solving skills and equip them with the community resources they need. Our knowledgeable and experienced professionals work with individuals and groups of all ages, backgrounds and income levels in a variety of settings, including homes, hospitals, mental health and addiction treatment facilities, seniors’ centres and workplaces.

Our social workers can help you find solutions to issues resulting from illnesses or disabilities through a unique combination of counseling and direct connection with our network of community resources. We can help you identify your needs and develop coping skills while working collaboratively with your healthcare providers to find the best possible resolution. We’re also here to facilitate access to appropriate resources for additional support and optimal outcomes.

Our social workers can:

  • Provide counseling on matters including family relationships, financial issues and emotional stresses
  • Assist and support clients who are experiencing loneliness, isolation or depression
  • Facilitate access to community, legal and government resources
  • Help in the emotional adjustment of clients and family due to the impact of illness or disability