Transitional Care


Our transitional care model is a cost effective alternative to acute care delivered in a hospital. Our daily cost of care is approximately one-third of the cost per day in hospital, while still delivering equivalent quality. We know transitional care is integral to better recoveries -- it helps expedite patient discharge, reduces length of stay, wait times and emergency rooms visits, while providing comprehensive, individualized care to clients.

Transitional care can be the key to a better health outcome; providing individuals with the supports they need to move from hospitals and other acute healthcare settings to adult lifestyle apartments, assisted living residences, nursing homes or back home. At CBI Health Group, we support healthcare transitions from these locations to one of our own transitional care residences or another residence or place of care.

Why Choose CBI Health Group?

At CBI Health Group, we’re uniquely positioned to meet the changing needs of our clients. We are the only national service provider that can offer a full continuum of care that is coordinated and seamless from beginning to end.

Our client-centred solutions combine dedicated residential care settings, home health services and services provided through our rehabilitation clinic network to empower clients for full recovery and maximum independence. We work collaboratively with discharge planners, social workers and clients and their families to manage transitions proactively and safely.

Transitional care is appropriate for:

  • Persons with developmental disabilities or require mental health support
  • Patients no longer requiring hospital level of care
  • Patients requiring restorative or rehabilitative care to regain independence after accident or trauma, or an acute phase of illness or surgery
  • Patients waiting for home modifications/extensive renovations, caregiver support, long term, residential or convalescent care
  • Patients undergoing cancer treatment
  • Patients requiring support to manage chronic or complex conditions (including multiple sclerosis)
  • Patients with neurological conditions (e.g., acquired brain injury, stroke)

Individuals in our transitional care program benefit from:

  • A customized care plan and its administration, delivered under a practitioner supervised model of care that includes safety protocols, coaching and monitoring of services
  • Care that is delivered in the location that is right for the client (e.g., a dedicated residential setting or a client’s private residence) by the right care team
  • Supports and rehabilitation that are directed at maximizing client level of functioning (e.g., assistance with daily living training) and a faster recovery
  • Decreased hospital length of stay, admissions/re-admissions to hospital

Transitional Care at a glance:

  • Comprehensive care is provided by an interdisciplinary team, customized to the individual’s needs and can be coordinated and provided as individuals transfer between different locations and/or different levels of care
  • Locations can include: CBI specialized community homes, hospitals, nursing homes, private care homes, long-term care facilities, and your home
  • At Canada's largest healthcare network, CBI Health Group specializes in delivering the right care at the right time, in the right place — one of the main principles of effective transitional care