Sophia Dayfoot, Kinesiologist and Return-to-Work Clinical Team Lead, shares the role mentorship and support played in her career and how she pays that forward.


What is your role?

I started at CBI Health as a Kinesiologist over ten years ago and I am currently the Return-to-Work Clinical Team Lead for my clinic in Alberta. Despite no longer being hands-on with the clients in the same capacity due to the pandemic, I find this incredibly fulfilling. My role ensures my team has the support and guidance they need with their clients, which includes communication with case managers, Workers Compensation Boards (WCB), employers, doctors, and the coordination of treatment across all of those stakeholders.


How has CBI Health supported your career goals?

Traditionally, as a Kinesiologist it can be challenging to find opportunities to grow and make a genuine impact as a leader. There is an atmosphere of support and continuous learning here at CBI Health. They will recognize your strengths, hear what you want to do, and give you opportunities to grow your skills and career. I’ve moved up from a Return-to-Work Program Kinesiologist to an Assessing Therapist, Program Coordinator, and my current role as the Return-to-Work Clinical Team Lead.

When I first started here, I was grateful for the internal training and education opportunities offered, as well as learning opportunities outside of what CBI Health offers. The internal CBI Health education opportunities were practical for the clinical setting and I could immediately transfer my new skills to my client practice. Being able to meet other therapists and talk about best practices and different approaches is exciting. Even though we can’t do this face-to-face these days, CBI Health’s transition to a virtual platform (including for ongoing education) has given clinicians access to an even greater network of people.



How do you approach the mentorship aspect of your work?

The mentorship and training of other therapists in our network is something I gravitated towards. Participating in co-op placement during my undergraduate program meant that I gained experience working in different settings and saw how the various supervisors that I was mentored by facilitated my learning and growth.

I now play a key role in the onboarding of new clinicians for the WCB Return-to-Work programs. There is such a wide range of cases, injuries, and employers in Alberta that you can rarely transfer one prescribed treatment directly to another client. I ensure new hires have the opportunity to shadow and work closely with more senior team members.

In addition, I spearhead case management discussions between the care team, employers, and WCB. One of the skills I try to share and guide clinicians on is talking through difficult situations and managing tough cases. In the same way that I empower my clients, I want to give my team the skills to think critically and provide solutions for complicated claims. I want to help them grow the ability to move from “I don’t know” to “Here are the options” to “This is what we can try and why it will work.”


What motivates your work?

I am passionate about empowering clients with the skills and education to function independently and manage their pain even after their time in treatment with us. The team approach we take to case management and professional development highlights the priority CBI Health places on being people-centred, both for clients and our teams.


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