Trenton Penner, Physiotherapist, shares his literal and practical journey with CBI Health, the training he received and was able to put into practice, and how his love of physical activities motivates his work.


What is your role and why did you join?

I joined CBI Health three years ago as a Physiotherapist in Toronto, working in an acute client setting. When my partner's opportunity to study in B.C. came up, I transferred to a clinic out west and have since worked in two others. The types of services offered at each location were a little different – pain management, complex care, rehabilitation, and specific physiotherapy programs. It's one reason I joined CBI Health – the range of their network both in terms of locations and offerings.


How would you describe the work you do as a Physiotherapist at CBI Health?

As a Physiotherapist dedicated to the WorkSafe program, I work intensely for longer periods of time with my clients who come from a wide range of employment backgrounds. Before (and after) the pandemic restrictions, I would often work with them for half-a-day or longer, in tandem with Kinesiologists, Occupational Therapists, and mental health workers. It's a truly supportive rehabilitation model for the clients, who meet with clinicians, perform their exercises on-site, and have follow-up appointments all in one day. From a team perspective, it's highly collaborative and very positive.



What sort of training and educational opportunities have been offered to you at CBI Health?

Pain Therapy and Vestibular Physiotherapy both require a subset of treatment skills. I was able to attend courses for both through CBI Health. The unique opportunity that CBI Health provided me with was the chance to be mentored by a Vestibular and Concussion Therapist at one of our clinics. I was able to shadow her, work under her guidance, and take on the overflow from her caseload. It was an aspect of therapy I had never considered before, but it has quickly become one of my favourite treatments to offer clients in the right circumstance. Using these skills, I can make an impact very quickly. I had a client experiencing months of dizziness and vertigo; she could barely stand up without feeling off-balance. Just a few minutes after I applied the technique, she walked out the door as if she had never been affected. She's one of our biggest advocates for Physiotherapy.


What motivates and drives your work?

As part of the interdisciplinary team at CBI Health, I'm able to incorporate Kinesiology, Occupational Therapy, Psychology into my approach with client programs – I draw on the expertise around me to design programs that help my clients heal. Nothing makes me happier professionally than seeing my clients gain strength and confidence as they make progress. I love playing sports, hiking, biking, snowboarding. It's important to me to stay healthy and explore nature. Knowing that I play a role in helping people not just return to work but also enable them to get back outside to their physical activities means a lot to me.


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