Vocational Rehabilitation


Vocational Rehabilitation Services

If your client has experienced an injury or health condition that prevents them from working, vocational rehabilitation can help them transition back to the job they were doing, or to other suitable work.

Our specialists are experts at combining clinical and vocational rehabilitation into supportive programs for effective re-employment. For over 20 years, we have provided our expertise to major insurers, employers, disability management service companies, workers’ compensation boards, and automobile insurers.

CBI Health provides proactive, cost-effective solutions across Canada. We use a comprehensive support network to ensure your clients meet their employment goals with durable claim closure.


What is Vocational Rehabilitation?

Vocational Rehabilitation helps those who have had an injury or health condition safely transition back to their job. It can also help them transition to a new job – either with an existing or new employer.

Our team collaborates with clients to ensure they understand that returning to work after an injury is healthy and obtainable. We help them safely return to regular work and activities while making sure they understand their responsibilities and assist with self-management during recovery.


Our Vocational Rehabilitation Services

CBI Health’s diverse group of professionals proudly deliver vocational rehabilitation services and disability case management, fully supported by our network of multi-disciplinary services.

We are experts at integrating clinical and vocational rehabilitation into comprehensive re-employment programs that provide maximum results and achieve the highest possible earning potential.


Our experienced vocational specialists are experts in workplace accommodation and offer objective assessments of claim eligibility. We’ll guide employees and employers through managing a case from start to finish, leveraging tools and technologies to support timely results. Our team uses community and treatment resources to support access to cost effective interventions which promote stabilization, remove barriers to remaining at work, and shorten claim durations.


We provide goal oriented and cost-effective rehabilitation case management that is tailored to the client’s needs. Keys to success include collaborative communication and building on the tenet that work is healthy. Recommendations for rehabilitation interventions, and cost updates are provided to the client, employer, and insurer, including a return to work program.


To fully understand a client’s alternative job options, we offer a comprehensive review of transferable skills, education, training, experience, and restrictions, which are used to identify realistic job opportunities. If needed, we’ll help identify available short term upskilling opportunities and conduct labour market research to confirm currently advertised jobs, to ensure maximum earning capacity.


Our vocational specialists will conduct aptitude, academic, interest, and personality testing to fully understand the client’s vocational strengths and opportunities as they relate to exploring alternate RTW options. Assessments may include: GATB, WRAT5, TONI4, NEO4, MBTI, CWPI, STRONG, and COPS.


Our team of professionals will deliver job search strategies keeping in mind the client’s physical and mental health considerations, ensuring that the job seeker understands how their transferable skills relate to career targets. Basic job search strategies including resume development, interview strategies, and social media presence are delivered; our value add is an individualized approach ensuring each client gets what they need to be confident in their independent job search.


If a client is unable to return to work in their own job, has no employer to return to, or has been laid off, we will work collaboratively to examine their skills and accomplishments to help plan their next career steps. We provide fully supported career transition and outplacement services such as career counselling and functional support aimed at improving skill and confidence for return to work.


We can aid the client in demonstrating work readiness by helping them find an opportunity to volunteer at a suitable organization. A structured and scheduled placement will help build work stamina, increase physical and cognitive engagement, social interaction, encourage accountability, and provide practical application of any concepts learned during treatment. This custom-tailored schedule is used as an evaluation before returning to work and includes valuable feedback from the volunteer organization.


We’ll help confirm the viability of jobs identified in a Transferable Skills Analysis or Vocational Evaluation, in a local labour market by reviewing currently advertised positions, specific to a region, provincially published wage and salary surveys and making direct employer contacts. The Labour Market Survey and Earnings Capacity Reports are used to determine whether suitable jobs are available in a geographical region and confirms competitive employment.


Our community-based program is tailored to meet client needs by looking at four key areas: routine, health, social support, and work readiness with a strong emphasis on education and specific tools tailored to address the individual’s barriers to returning to their own or an alternate occupation. This customized and often short-term program cultivates motivation, and includes communication with the rehabilitation team to address potential barriers while preparing clients for a sustainable return to the workplace.


Our standardized 'Life Role Re-integration' program is designed to help clients return to regular life activities, including work. Resuming career activities is a central objective of this program, which is customized to fit any need.




All Vocational Rehabilitation services deliver professional and concise reporting to meet customer needs. Contact us today to find out how CBI Health can help you and your clients. 1.888.654.8727 or vocreferrals@cbi.ca