Vocational Rehabilitation


What is Vocational Rehabilitation?

Vocational Rehabilitation can help individuals who have an injury, occupational disease, or other health condition, prepare for and transition back to the job they were doing, or to other, suitable work — either with an existing employer or with a new employer.

Vocational Rehabilitation focuses on promoting an understanding that work is healthy. It facilitates an individual’s responsibility and self-management in the return to work (RTW) process, maximizing earnings and sustainable employability and supports claim closure.

Providing proactive, cost-effective vocational solutions across Canada to assist individuals in successfully attaining rehabilitation and career goals.

Vocational Rehabilitation – Assessment and Services

Vocational Assessments

Disability Case Management Assessment

Field Visits

Transferable Skills Analysis

Labour Market Survey

Vocational Assessment 

Vocational Services

Disability Case Management

Supported Job Search

Computer Training

Employment Preparation