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National Strength, Regional Responsiveness

Nationwide Specialist Accessibility

We have Canada's largest national roster of highly qualified, experienced medical staff and independent specialists from a diverse range of health care disciplines which enables us to process more files and reduce your scheduling delays and travel expenses. We are able to deliver accurate and defensible reports and opinions regarding prognosis, diagnosis and treatment recommendations, including defensible Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs), Ergonomic Services, Short & Long-Term Disability Management, Diagnostic Imaging and Treatment Recommendations Deployment.


Assessor Selection

We are a single point-of-contact and referral source for our clients and able to provide quality medical services and expedited access to healthcare, medical clinics and diagnostic and treatment centres across Canada. To ensure optimal utilization of your financial resources, all referrals are processed through our centralized Intake Department, where the most appropriate assessors are selected based on medical documentation, regional proximity, nature of injury and current diagnosis/prognosis. Specialists include: Physiatry, Orthopaedics, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Occupational Therapy, Neuro Psychology, Psychiatry, SLP, Vocational & Social Work, Neurology, Dentistry and Paediatrics.


Secure, Web-Based Document Management

We utilize a customized software system to protect documentation, workflow, timelines and billing accuracy. Our web-based system ensures:

  • Immediate communication between adjusters, staff and assessors

  • PIPEDA compliance

  • Elimination of mail and courier delays and challenges

  • Our clients' "green initiatives" are respected

  • File processing cost effectiveness


Report Quality, Consistency And Turn Around Time

Our editing and quality assurance processes ensure report accuracy and defensibility. We use industry experts experienced in arbitration, adjusting and dispute-resolution proceedings. Reports are routinely audited for their medical-legal efficacy by our Technical Quality Specialist and our centralized work flow lends itself to process consistency as we manage your files in various provinces while protecting your specific expectations.


Comprehensive Claims Management

Access to a diversity of medical services, facilities and health care personnel allows us to assist all customers across Canada in a wide spectrum of services, including independent assessments, files reviews, ergonomic services, catastrophic impairment assessments, home and vehicle modifications, STD & LTD injury management, diagnostic imaging and treatment recommendations activation.

Take advantage of our strengths and let us prove our ability to exceed your unique assessment expectations.