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Our Benefits

The right people and the right processes. We have the expertise to grasp your unique disability issues and the right support to resolve them. We service the needs of all our clients to ensure they get measurable and reliable results.

Our services can make a difference:

  1. Lower costs: expert assessments can make the difference in ongoing costs of delays in return to work and unnecessary prolonged treatments

  2. More effective claims resolution: we provide solid and objective information to insurers and employers managing claims and attendance problems; we reduce insurer and labour disputes

  3. Easier booking of assessments: with one phone call, we handle all the detail of making multiple assessment appointments and ensuring attendance

  4. Faster claims resolution: assessments available at times and places convenient to the claimant/employee even in non-urban communities; MRIs and other imaging tests within 2-3 weeks of request which means faster results


You Can Count On Us:
  • Assessments can be provided across Canada in all urban centres and most rural areas

  • Our staff are aware of the complex requirements of adjusters, case managers, employers and legal workers regarding casualty, accident benefit and short-term and long-term disability claims. We are familiar with changes in legislation for employment and insurance claims

  • Privacy policy implementation and practice

  • All reports are subject to quality assurance reviews before being sent to the insurer/employer

  • Effective and efficient rehabilitation of injured individuals utilizing the services of certified professionals

  • Decreased cost of workers' compensation claims leading to reduced premiums through on-going assessments and evaluations

  • Early return of injured clients to pre-injury status

  • Our team makes the appointments and coordinates services: transportation, interpreters, additional diagnostic tests approved by the adjuster/analyst

  • Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation/Assessment includes both computerized and written (paper and pencil) testing and one-on-one personal interview

  • Transferable Skills Assessment including in-home functional experiences and out-of-home work experience

  • Reduced number of injuries and accidents through In-home assessments and Ergonomic/ Job Site Analyses

  • Employee education of injury management/prevention through certified ergonomic assessments and job site analyses

  • Improved morale, productivity and performance as a result of the expertise of our Disability Management Consultants