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The Employer Industry

Our Aims & Objectives

  • Realistically evaluate the employee's capacity to perform his/her regular occupation and job functions such as: Vocational Assessments, Job Site Analyses (JSAs), Functional Ability Evaluations (FAEs), Independent Medical Evaluations (IME), Insurer's Exams (IE) and Occupational Therapy

  • Formulate a cost-effective plan that will assist your employee to achieve maximum recovery and return to safe, productive employment in the shortest possible time

  • Obtain information from the employer about the employee's job and previous job performance in order to help the employee develop realistic goals

  • Physician Consultation to ensure that the physician's release to return to work is based on an informed understanding of the actual physical demands of the job

  • Regularly inform the employer about the recovery progress so that the employee's absence and eventual return to work can be smoothly incorporated into business planning

  • Obtain detailed analysis of an employee's job tasks from the employer and negotiate a gradual return-to-work schedule, i.e. full-time, part-time or to temporary modified duties within an employee's physical capabilities


How We Work With You
  • Developing, in consultation with you, the employee, the physician and others, an appropriate rehabilitation plan

  • Sharing, with the physician, information you provide about the actual job requirements

  • Specifically investigating the physical demands and responsibilities of the employee's job and discussing with you possible job modifications or light-duty assignments

  • Investigating issues that may impede the recovery process

  • Regularly visiting the employee to assess and evaluate their recovery process and provide you with frequent feedback on their rehabilitation status

  • Evaluating the employee's ability to return to work at each stage of the rehabilitation process

  • Identifying these specific skills the employee could use in alternative position descriptions/occupations
    helping the employee prepare for a return to the workplace.


The rehabilitation counsellor working with your employee is available, in person or by telephone, to answer your questions and concerns regarding Canadian Rehabilitative Consultants, our services and/or your employee's rehabilitation.