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Focus Assessments

At Focus Assessments Inc. (FOCUS), our mission is to provide all of our clients with excellence in objectivity, accountability, defensibility and customer service in the field of Independent Medical Assessments.

Through constant innovation and our ability to adapt to changes within the industries we serve, our wide variety of products and services and a highly trained and dedicated staff, we commit to providing all of our clients with case resolution that will allow us to remain a highly respected industry leader, committed to excellence in our products and our processes!

Why Focus Assessments?

FOCUS remains committed to the three key elements to its success:

  • People, recruit and retain the best – both in terms of staff and in terms of medical evaluators; FOCUS is very thorough in its selection process. We want the very best evaluators in our marketplace and our industry leadership helps to ensure that we can recruit that talent onto our team.
  • Process, we are very diligent in developing thorough processes and training materials. However, FOCUS Assessments is also a very innovative company that seeks to continuously improve our processes in order to adapt to changes in our marketplace and in order to improve our quality and efficiency.
  • Technology – since our start, we realized that technology can be a great enabler of speed, safety, accuracy and efficiency.

At FOCUS Assessments, we are committed to deploying appropriate technologies into our operations and processes at the very earliest opportunity.

Contact Us

Focus Assessment - Kitchener
Telephone: 519.893.5972
Fax: 226.317.0430

Focus Assessment - Ottawa
Telephone: 613.721.4112

National Toll Free
Telephone: 888.436.2877
Fax: 877.378.4457