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Focus Solutions: Our Unique Assessment Process

Welcome to Focus Assessments Inc. (FOCUS), a new breed of medical assessment clinics. FOCUS has combined the latest research in bio-mechanics with state of the art technology and a multi-disciplinary team of Healthcare Professionals. This approach has allowed us to develop a unique set of products we refer to as Focus Solutions.

Focus Solutions is a multi-level, multi-disciplinary approach to the evaluation of human disability. It combines objective physical and functional measurements with observation and clinical expertise to understand the extent and seriousness of the impairment. This provides the backbone for file resolution and the adjudication process.

FOCUS ASSESSMENTS INC has been developed on three critical "pillars".

PILLAR 1: Confidence with the diagnosis of the illness or impairment that the claim is based upon.

PILLAR 2: An accurate evaluation of the essential physical and/or cognitive demands required to return to pre-impairment level of function.

PILLAR 3: An accurate measurement of the individual's present physical and/or cognitive abilities in order to match them with the diagnosis and the essential physical demands.

We invite you to experience the Focus Solutions and the expertise of the Healthcare Professionals we are so proudly associated with.

Focus Assessments Contact Information

Local Kitchener Telephone: 519.893.5972

Local Kitchener Fax: 226.317.0430

Local Ottawa Telephone: 613.721.4112

Toll Free Telephone: 888.436.2877

Toll Free Fax: 877.378.4457