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FOCUS has assessment facilities in Kitchener, Ottawa and multiple locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area and the rest of the province.  As an organization operating provincially, we strive to continually improve our service offerings in as many areas as possible in Ontario.

FOCUS Assessments Inc. is highly respected within the medical community, with access to a wide network of specialists.  Our team consists of over 300 dedicated healthcare professionals, in a wide range of specialties.  Our Medical Director, Dr. Douglas Friars, is the current President of the Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators (CSME) and plays a crucial role in Evaluator Recruitment and for the ongoing review and monitoring of assessors on our roster and assists with identifying qualified experts in more remote/less serviced areas.

FOCUS maintains high standards for customer service and quality assurance. Prompt, efficient service and constant communication with our clients are standard protocols at FOCUS.

FOCUS has earned a reputation for delivering concise and thorough reports in a timely manner. Our reports are a product of objective, physical and functional measurements combined with observation and clinical expertise. As a non-treating facility, FOCUS is able to avoid the perception of conflict of interest and maintain a strictly neutral position when it comes to medical assessments and the recommendation for further treatment. This neutral position has been pivotal in FOCUS' success.

Focus Assessments Contact Information

Local Kitchener Telephone: 519.893.5972

Local Kitchener Fax: 226.317.0430

Local Ottawa Telephone: 613.721.4112

Toll Free Telephone: 888.436.2877

Toll Free Fax: 877.378.4457