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The Insurance Industry

Our Aims & Objectives

  • Ensure insurance related claimant's, i.e. Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) and Long Term Disability (LTD), receive professional medical treatment plans providing maximum recovery in the shortest period of time

  • Formulate a rehabilitation plan, whether short or long-term, that will have a successful outcome

  • Provide invaluable assistance in a number of areas such as medical management, counseling and vocational counseling to assist with barriers to recovery

  • Assist the claimant with setting realistic goals based on current needs, skills, abilities and limitations

  • Our team of Disability Management staff is involved with all areas of the claimant's recovery to ensure an eventual return to full functional health


How We Work With You
  • Our team of Disability Management professionals perform an initial assessment discussing a claimant's needs, concerns and any other issues regarding recovery

  • Develop, in consultation with the employer, employee, physician and others, an appropriate rehabilitation plan

  • Communicate with all involved professionals assisting with the claimant's rehabilitation

  • Provide a full report to the claimant's insurance company relaying medical, employment, and/or vocational information coupled with CRC recommendations

  • Investigate issues that may impede the recovery process

  • Regularly visiting the claimant to assess and evaluate their recovery process and provide the insurance company with frequent feedback on their rehabilitation status

  • Formulate appropriate rehabilitation plans based on the claimant's medical status, physical capacities, education, training, experience, interests and vocational aptitudes