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Long/Short-Term Care Services

Our Aims & Objectives

  • Provide short and long-term disability management services for Long-Term Care (LTC) employees

  • Realistically evaluate the LTC employees capacity to perform his/her regular functions

  • Formulate a cost-effective plan that will assist your client to achieve maximum recovery in the shortest possible time

  • Obtain information from you about the employee's job and previous job performance in order to help the employee develop realistic goals

  • Physician Consultation to ensure that the physician's release to return to full function is based on a thorough understanding of the clients medical condition


How We Work With You
  • Developing, in consultation with you, the client, the physician and others, an appropriate rehabilitation plan

  • Sharing, with the physician, information pertinent and relative to the client's recovery

  • Investigating issues that may impede the recovery process

  • Regularly visiting the client to assess and evaluate their recovery process and provide frequent feedback on their rehabilitation status