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Why suffer any longer?

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Our unique 5 step program:


Put your care into our hands. Our unique 5-step program will get you back on your feet, pain and injury-free, in no time.

1. Expert Diagnosis

Our qualified physicians will provide you with an accurate diagnosis. Our sports medicine physicians and orthopedic surgeons are some of the most highly respected in their field. An expert, precise diagnosis gets you started on the right foot and on the road to quick recovery.


2. Individualized Care

Placing yourself in the hands of our skilled rehabilitation professionals allows your therapist to give you one-on-one care, specific to your particular needs - personalized treatment results in a fast recovery. 


3. Eliminate your pain

Eliminate your pain with the restoration of normal movement to injured areas.
Our unique combination of specialized manual therapy techniques and the latest in electro-therapy modalities will help restore function and alleviate painful symptoms, getting you back on track as soon as possible. Strengthening, balance, functional and occupational re-training allow our clients to recover as quickly and as safely as possible. 


4. Getting You Better Faster

Our goal is to get you better, faster, we can achieve this with our expert rehabilitation professionals. Our team is on the cutting-edge of injury rehabilitation, staying in touch with the most recent innovations and developments in the field through our own Institute of Professional Development. Many of our therapists have worked with Olympic and professional athletes and come recommended by some of the top orthopedic surgeons and physicians in the city.

We get excellent results by giving a specific clinical impression of your injury, treating you with the most recent hands-on methods, prescribing home exercises, educating you about the causes of the problem and referring you to any additional services that are needed.

Our state-of-the-art exercise prescription software allows our clients to access important information about their home exercise program online, maximizing effectiveness and reducing errors. Videos, pictures and detailed instructions ensure that our clients derive the best possible results from their tailored exercise programs, anywhere in the world.


5. Staying Pain Free

Staying Pain Free is an important component of your complete rehabilitation.

While you suffered pain, your body compensated for your injury, putting undue stress on other parts of your system and altering your body's biomechanics. Restoring proper biomechanics is crucial to a complete recovery. We will perform a total evaluation and treatment of your posture, strength and flexibility, to ensure that your complete musculo-skeletal system is working at its peak. You will receive a personalized exercise prescription that will increase the flexibility and strength of your muscles and prevents further injury.


We bring this unique approach to you thanks to our top-quality professionals - people committed to GETTING YOU BETTER, FASTER.