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"Playing hockey and golf are my passions and when I do too much and am in pain, the team of physicians, physiotherapists, athletic therapists, massage therapists and osteopaths keep me playing the games I love - and yes I have seen all of the above professionals!!!! Thanks, John, Xanthi, Dave, Shawn, Clare and Tara"

Rod Smith, Montreal West



"I have been treated for various injuries at CBI Concordia Physio Sport for over 25 years and each time I get injured the caring staff and CBI Concordia Physio Sport give me the best possible care and always get me back to my active life, thanks so much.

Ron Hughes, Pointe Claire



"I tried almost every Physio clinic in and around Montreal and by far the staff at CBI Concordia Physio Sport are the best, I have never seem a group of more caring, dedicated and committed to helping and healing their patients. Thanks for changing my life."

Mildred Burton, Pointe Claire



"Meeting Steve and the physiotherapists at the CBI Concordia Physio Sport – Brossard clinic has been one of the best things in my life. Prior to meeting the CBI Concordia Physios I was in constant pain and discomfort, now I am back exercising and feel great. Thanks so much."

David Desjarlais, Brossard



"Simply the best customer service, care and results I have ever received at a physiotherapy clinic, CBI Concordia Physio Sport you guys are the best."

Maria Romano, Laval



"When my back goes out on me and I am in terrible pain and can't move, the first thing I do is call the back experts at CBI Concordia Physio, their focused one on one care and hands on approach has me unlocked and pain free in no time."

Steve Spour, Kirkland