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When is the right time to consider home care?


When is the Right Time?

When is the right time to consider homecare for my loved one? There are dozens of signs that are as personal and as individual as the people who ask themselves this question. In almost all cases, there is a “trigger event” or occurrence that signals a greater need – both for the client and for the family and friends who may be increasingly challenged by the responsibilities of providing support.

Here are just a few typical “trigger events” to watch for:

  • Losing a driver’s license and the freedom to get around
  • A fall that results in reduced mobility
  • A hospital stay or procedure that results in the need for temporary care during the healing process

In other cases, it’s more gradual. You may notice subtle changes that are concerning, such as:

  • Reduced attention to personal appearance or to the upkeep of their home
  • A decreased attention to food safety (using foods beyond expiry dates, etc.)
  • Forgetfulness – missing meals or medications, forgetting to pay bills
  • Depression, avoiding social events or contact with others

In addition to being aware of a loved one needing more care, it is critical that family and friends be aware if they themselves or other family caregivers are showing the signs of emotional or physical exhaustion of providing that care. That is where We Care is available to provide whatever support is needed for the whole family – anything from a few hours a month to relieve a family caregiver, to daily care for families that require greater support.