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Immunization Clinics

We Care offers a variety of immunization clinics; including influenza, hepatitis, tuberculosis and tetanus. All clinics include:

  • Information on the benefits and risks of the vaccination prior to the clinic
  • All necessary documentation; including a questionnaire, consent and post-clinic information sheet
  • Referral of high risk clients to their family doctor 
  • Educational and health promotional material

Influenza (flu) Immunization

Every year employee illness and absenteeism costs Canadian companies billions of dollars. Research recognizes the strong link between immunization and the prevention of serious health problems.

25% of Canadians contract the flu every year. An immunization program can significantly reduce this number in your workplace, improving employee attendance and productivity. Employees who receive a flu shot and still get the flu normally experience much less significant symptoms, and may return to work faster, further reducing absenteeism costs.

Hepatitis Immunization

We Care provides on-site immunization for workers who are at risk of occupational exposure to Hepatitis A & B. This program is provided in a three-dose regimen administered over six months.

Other immunizations

We also offer tuberculosis and tetanus immunization.