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Occupational Health Nursing  

We Care has qualified Occupational Health or Registered Nurses to meet your needs. Services include pre-employment assessment, audiometric tests, vision tests, back assessment, spirometry Fitness to Wear Respiratory Protective Equipment and Mask Fit testing, in addition to periodic testing, assessment and surveillance.

Pre-employment Assessments

Pre-employment assessments are conducted by Occupational Health or Registered Nurses and are designed to determine if an employee is fit to perform the physical requirements of the job. Customized to accommodate your company's needs and job requirements, these assessments offer an effective screening tool to identify potential safety risks and establish a baseline for periodic surveillance.

We Care's pre-employment nursing medicals are a comprehensive assessment and include:

  • Health history
  • Vital signs, height and weight, urinalysis
  • General physical assessment and range of motion assessment
  • Kraus Weber back assessment
  • Vision and hearing screen

We Care can also tailor an Occupational Health program to address your specific needs, including:

Audiometric Test/Hearing Tests

  • Baseline audiograms as part of pre-employment package
  • Baseline and periodic audiograms for hearing conservation programs
  • Our Occupational Physician reviews abnormal results with a referral to family physician or audiologist as required

Vision Test

  • Far vision test (Snellen chart)
  • Near vision test (Jaegar- Snellen chart)
  • Colour vision (Ishihara 14-plate assessment)
  • Peripheral vision fields

Back Assessment

Our comprehensive pre-placement assessment includes the Kraus Weber back assessment.



  • Baseline spirometry as part of pre-employment package
  • Baseline and periodic spirometry as part of assessment package for fitness to wear respiratory protective equipment
  • Review of abnormal results by our Occupational Physician with referral to family physician as required


Fitness to Wear Respiratory Protective Equipment

Baseline and periodic assessment, including:

  • Health questionnaire
  • Spirometry test
  • Determination of fitness for respirator type and recommendations or accommodations required

Mask Fit Test

  • Mask Fit (Qualitative Fit Test)

Bitrex sensitivity taste test is used to determine whether or not an individual is able to achieve an adequate seal with his or her own respirator either:

  • Initial fit test
  • Follow-up fit test for employees who are reporting difficulty with achieving an adequate fit or seal

Periodic testing, assessment and surveillance

  • Driver Medical exams (Canada and U.S. regulations)
  • Hearing tests
  • Spirometry tests