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Remote Health Monitoring - Starting at $199.00/month*

Using wireless technology, Re-ACT© (Remote Access to Care Technology) connects seniors living with chronic disease(s) to a Registered Nurse who monitors their vital signs remotely and encourages medication compliance, while providing assessment of vital signs, information about managing their chronic condition and adjustments to their care plan.

Vitals signs remotely monitored include:

  • blood pressure
  • pulse
  • blood glucose
  • weight
  • blood oxygen

A goal of the Re-ACT© program is to help individuals develop skills for healthy living and managing their chronic condition. The program emphasizes the individual and family’s role in their healthcare and encourages them to be an integral member of their healthcare team. It also engages them in decision making, goal setting, care planning and provides access to education programs and health information.

*Activation fees apply. Not available in every area.